East Uganda Empowerment Center

Poultry & Crops Project

The Poultry and Crop Project applies a Kingdom building concept that impacts an entire community.. Set in a economically poor and rural region in Eastern Uganda, the Orphaned Heart Empowerment Center (OHEC) has helped to establish a secure, free range environment for 200 Hens to lay their eggs. Right now, the eggs are being shared in the community at a Christian school with over 400 students as well as some area families in desperate need of food and protein. Corn, Soybeans, and Rice have been planted on 2 1/2 acres along with bananas, passion fruit and coffee beans to feed people. These crops are also mixed with vitamin enhanced chicken feed to create a very healthy blend for the chickens to eat. OHEC has the opportunity to double the number of chickens and eggs for the purpose of generating a revenue stream for Orphaned Heart Intl in Uganda.

Collaboration of TuweerezaEden Ministries

PO Box 237, Jinga, Uganda

The Kuroiler chicken breed with indigenous traits which grows faster and lays more eggs than the local chicken. The birds are low- maintenance scavengers that thrive on household and agricultural waste. The mortality rate of the Kuroiler birds is very low compared to local chicken. Currently the piloted enterprise has a stock of 200 chicken awaiting an addition donation of 200 Chicken.The people in the operational communities are peasant farmers who have been involved in all their lives in livestock. The practice is not new; it is part of the way of life of the people in the communities. that suround the Eastern Uganda OHEC.

The impact is huge. Eggs and produce helps to provide daily food and nutrition for the  486 Orphaned Children at Nakalongo Christian School, 16 Children at OHEC, 18 widowed families, 5elderly, and 25 youths school drop outs and 29 converts and 7 of them are Muslims. Also, the service providers have benefited indirectly for the construction and building of the modern Poultry House .

Each OHEC offers skill training to these poor family households and needy individuals on Crop Production, Animal husbandry and other business-related subjects to provide them with the expertise they need to have a better life

Students with new uniforms & Bibles
Christian School student in cass
Richard's wife sewing school uniforms