What is the Orphaned Heart?

Definitions Useful to Understand the Orphaned Heart
The Orphaned Heart: A Human Wound – The heart has been broken by rejection and abandonment usually first by a parent. It is reinforced by rejection and abandonment throughout life. It is usually associated with lack of love from a Father, but a non-existent or abusive mother can reinforce the wound. They do not feel they have a safe place of value in the heart of a loving father.
Situations causing the Orphaned Heart in the U.S.A.
  • Parents divorce or separation
  • Emotional neglect: failure to hug, touch or express affection
  • Any form of abuse creates deep wounds of rejection
  • Born to a single mother with no father
The Orphan Spirit: It is a demonic spirit from Satan, as a result of the Fall. He tempted Adam and Eve and through their sin, they were separated from God. This spirit attaches to the Orphaned Wound. It can be seen in a person’s heart attitude and as a mental stronghold (what the minds thinks).
Symptoms of the Orphan Spirit:
  • Independence
  • Hostility
  • Contentiousness
  • No sense of home, belonging or of being a son
  • Thinks like a servant – not like a child of God
  • They strive for what they can get – they do not know the inheritance waiting for them in eternity as a child of God
  • They resort to competing, stealing or begging
  • They are afraid of intimacy – they could never trust their parent
The Spirit of Sonship: This is the spirit we receive as a child of God through the work of Jesus Christ on the Cross: I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you (John 14:18). It is an intimate relationship with God the Father available through the Holy Spirit which was sent after Jesus ascended into heaven. The Father offers costly love to each of his children. They respond as God’s sons with a full and eternal inheritance as member of the Kingdom of God.
Storage Love: The Greek word for a Mother’s love. It represents a nurturing under girth a Mother gives so that a child can grow in stability and love.
A Father’s Love: Gives a child their identity and vision for their life. This love pulls them up for future calling. This love also represents inheritance and belonging into a family.

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