Report from Sheema Conference.

We thank God for the success of a three day power packed, holy spirit filled  healing the Orphaned Heart conference  at St Peter’s Church Muzira,  from the testimonies we received, We believe the people’s hearts were healed and received spiritual deliverance from oppressing spirits.  The Conference was attended by over 200 people. The facilitators of the conference were Paul Agaba, Rev Simon Peter Ddembe, Charlotte Fiona Namanya, Abaasa Amon and Nakamya Esther( finalists of the UCU Hope fellowship) . This time, we had a theme for the conference taken from John 8:36  which states that “ if the son of God sets you free, you will be free indeed” , We also had crusade gatherings  in the evenings of the first two days of the conference.

Thanks to mum Janet Helms and the OHM board Comprised of Pastor Mark Bolton, Carolyn Ihrig, Denis Vest, Beverly and Cheran Cherok  in the United States for the spiritual guidance, Prayer and financial support. This is how the conference commenced.

Day 1    ( 10th May 2018)

The first day began with spiritual mapping and prayer walking around the church purifying the land with salt, so that the word of God will not be hindered. The prayer walking was inspired by hearing from Canon Charles about the spiritual state of the area as he told us that the people in this area were deeply rooted in witchcraft. This was preceded by praise and worship led by the youth in the Church. Paul Agaba then spoke about the definitions useful for understanding the orphaned heart and diagnosis of the orphaned heart. Nakamya Esther taught the people about the theological thread of the orphaned heart, through her talk, she helped the participants to see how the Orphaned heart affected people in the Bible times. Paul Tibeijuka then moved to the podium and spoke about losses in life, Amon Abaasa then taught about the progression of an injustice and then Paul Tibeijuka led the people into an inner healing prayer over losses and injustices. Paul Agaba came back and preached about our identity in Christ, through his message, he emphasized on the authority of a believer to overcome the enemy. Luke 10:19-20.

In the evening, we moved to the crusade ground in Muzira trading center where Paul Agaba preached about the freedom we have in Christ. He spoke about Jesus as a healer. After his talk, 55 people received Jesus as their Lord and savior.

The day was concluded by debriefing and prayer by the team.


 Day 2  ( 11th May 2018)

The day began with the warrior’s prayer and prayer of protection by Amon Abaasa. This was followed by a topic on “emotions God’s gift to us” by Rev Simon Peter Ddembe, through his talk, he encouraged people to use their God given emotions such as anger, joy, sorrow to Glorify God.  Esther Nakamya then spoke about the importance of support groups, Rev Simon Peter then came back and taught people about prayer journaling, he shared about his testimony of how he has received numerous answers to prayer through journaling, he later spoke about the orphaned heart caused by sexual abuse, toxic shame and trauma. This session was concluded by a group inner healing prayer to overcome strongholds led by Rev Simon peter. After that session we were blessed to have the diocesan youth coordinator Rev Agaba Samson who volunteered to speak about the scriptural power of forgiveness, after that Patience Nabaasa shared a testimony of how she had been bewitched by people who sent an evil spirit which would make her move aimlessly day and night so that she does not study. She testified about forgiving these people and then her deliverance came fast.

We then moved to the crusade ground where Rev Simon peter Ddembe preached on the conference them and over 25  people gave their lives to Christ.


Day 3  ( 12th May 2018)

The session began with the warriors prayer led by Amon Abaasa, then followed by training on inner healing by Rev Simon. Paul Tibeijuka helped people to review the family tree and identify some of the occurrences that need prayer in their families. Rev Simon peter then came back and led people to pray and break destructive generational ties and patterns; he also led them in prayer for breaking wrongful soul ties. We witnessed deliverance from demonic oppression which were manifesting through people. We thank God for the people who were delivered.


Canon Charles and his wife moved to the podium to give the mother and father’s blessing, people then received certificates and the conference was officially closed.



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