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Janet Helms has written a book entitled “Healing the Orphaned heart : Restoring the heart of the child of God” The book is a study guide with practical steps to help you to heal from emotional wounds. Click HERE to purchase  your self a copy of this wonderful book

About the Book

In 2006, Janet Helms went to Uganda to perform a one-woman play, or so she thought. When the play failed, God revealed the real reason Janet was there – to understand the Orphaned Heart problem and to learn how to heal it. In her first book, Janet tells her story of how she got to Africa in the first place, her journey to adopt an abandoned child, and the development of her ministry to heal the people she encountered from the effects of rejection and abandonment. Healing the Orphaned Heart is a teaching tool that will help you understand the orphan’s dilemma and how it is becoming a worldwide crisis. Janet will also share ten steps to heal from the Orphaned Heart, steps that include principles you can apply in your own life, family, ministry or missions work.

Click HERE to purchase your self a copy of this wonderful book

Free Material for download.

Below are free downloads of material that might be helpful in your quest for healing. you can just click on the subject you would want and the document will download automatically.

1. The definitions useful for understanding the orphaned heart

2. Dealing with Spirit of rejection

3.Inner Healing Prayers for the Orphaned Heart

4.Diagnosing the Orphaned Heart

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