Praise report from Fort Portal mission

Praise the Lord for the success of the mission in Fort portal, Kabarole district from the 19th-25th of March 2018.  I travelled with Captain Titus Baraka together with four members of Bethesda Ministries on the morning of Monday 19th March 2018. We were invited to speak at the annual Diocesan revival week with a theme “Fix your eyes on Jesus” taken from Hebrews 11:1-2. Because of car trouble, we arrived in Fort Portal at around 11:00pm.

My first speaking engagement was with the youth at one of the workshops, this seminar was attended by over 35 young people. I was requested to speak about “Purity”.  In my sharing; I spoke about purity of the heart, mind and body. I spoke about wrong soul ties as they are strongholds which bind people through wrong covenants, vows and sinful sexual involvement. This speaking engagement was impactful as I received feedback from the youth of how their hearts were touched. They made up their minds to choose purity amidst temptations and trials.

My second speaking engagement was at the St John’s Cathedral when Captain Titus was speaking about Spiritual Deliverance. He invited me on the podium to introduce orphaned Heart ministries to over 300 attendees, he also requested me to use part of his time to speak about “inner healing” as a prerequisite for spiritual deliverance. I spoke about our ministry and also introduced the “Orphaned Heart” concept. I told people how we can be wounded because of the negative experiences we have encountered in life. I concluded my talk time by telling the people that Forgiveness is the key to inner healing.

My third speaking engagement was with parents. Captain Titus still shared his time with me to speak about the evil things parents do and  words they say and in-turn end up wounding and embittering their children.  My talk was mainly based on the healing from losses wheel. I spoke about losses from conception, prenatal, birth, childhood and adulthood. I spoke about the importance of the father and mother’s love in raising children.

My fourth speaking engagement was at a workshop with students from tertiary institutions. I was still requested to share about purity.  I encouraged the students to keep themselves pure in this perverse generation. We had a powerful session of prayer as the students recommitted themselves to God.

My Fifth speaking engagement was with the choirs. This session was attended by over 70 people. I was requested to speak about “Humility in Ministry”.  I took time to speak about the heart of humility through my own personal experiences. I shared the example of Jesus laying down his life for us on the cross. I encouraged the attendees to repent from any pride of the heart and embrace humility.

I also had an opportunity to speak on a live radio show on Sunday Morning. Throughout the revival week, we saw many come to Christ and be healed and delivered from demonic possession as Captain Titus Baraka ministered.

Captain Titus introduced me to the Bishop Reuben Kisembo and the Dean of the Cathedral and I shared with them about Orphaned Heart Ministries.  We left on Sunday 25th March 2018.

Report by Paul Agaba

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