Orphan or Son?

We are going to distinguish and put lines between a person with an orphaned heart and someone with heart of sonship. Maybe at the end of this you will perhaps see where you belong or why your walk with the Lord has been not easy for you, for your friends, or someone else in your family.

Someone who has an orphan heart in the image of God will see God as a master whereas someone with the heart of a son sees God as a loving father. The difference between the two is that a master has people working for him as servants or slaves. God doesn’t call us to be his slaves nor servants though he calls us to work for him at our own will to spread the good news to the farthest end of the world (Matt 28:18-20). When you see God as a master, your heart thinks that probably you don’t have a choice to reason, commune, smile with your master just like a slave who is in fear with his master at all times. This is wrong and it doesn’t build one’s faith, love and confidence since there is no connection between the two. On the other hand, one with a heart of sonship will always see God as a loving father who you can easily approach, smile, talk to, laugh with, commune with  among others.  In other words a heart of sonship, God gives us a good spirit of will and choice which is not the case with an orphan hearted person who sees God as his master (See Romans 8:15).

In times of dependency when one has an orphan heart, he/she will want to be self reliant, independent and do whatever it takes to fulfill his needs without thinking of any help from any other source apart from himself. Even when help is readily available from friends, family or God, such a person will automatically say “No” since his heart is independent and feels selfish to provide and depend on itself. On the other hand however, someone with a spirit of sonship when it comes to dependency, he/she will see the need for interdependency and acknowledgment of help either from people or God. This is important in a Christian life in that God speaks or sends help to us through others and when your heart is independent and self reliant, it’s hard to realize God’s help to speak to you through others.

In the yardstick of theology, someone with an orphan heart will live by the love of law and such a person works in fulfillment of what the law necessitates him and nothing more. He thinks that breaking any part of law will cost him/her everything in life, where as someone with the spirit of sonship he/she will live by law of love. This is good for a Christian in such way that love will automatically fulfill the law and it’s easier that way to fulfill law through love. In fact 1 Corinthians 13:1 recommends the way of love that “If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal.” Verse 7 notes that “Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

When it comes to security, someone with an orphan heart will be insecure all the time, he has no peace and he does all he can to be secure either through wealth, riches, cars, women, drugs etc. such a person thinks that without such, he can’t be safe to live. On the other hand however someone with a spirit of sonship will appreciate peace and safety in Jesus Christ whether he is rich or not, sick or well. He is safe in God’s promises and lives at peace always as promised assurance from God.

by Dennis Mukwatanise

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