Orphan or Son? Part 4

Greetings in the name of our Dear Lord Jesus Christ. Let’s continue to discuss the last symptoms between an orphan hearted person and son ship.

Sense of God’s presence

Someone with an orphan heart feels distant from God and whatever he does, he feels God is too far away from him and at the back of his mind he thinks that he goes through whatever he goes through because God’s presence is far away from him. He feels he is not cared, loved, and that God isn’t near at all to help him when he is trouble. Whereas a son in this perspective feels God so close and intimately in relationship with him. Even when he is going through hard times, he feels God is always there and close and ready to help.


An orphan lives under bondage of sin of whatever sort. An orphan feels like that person in a distant foreign country unable to succeed or move forward because he is new to the environment, language and people around him. He does not experience freedom and he is under restrictions in form of bondages /addictions such as pornography, alcohol, anger, etc. where as a son he has liberty and freedom. No wonder the scripture tells us that where there is a spirit of the God there is freedom, peace, liberty, love among others.


An orphan has a feeling of slavery or a servant. For example house helper/houseboy/house girls in African culture doesnot feel to be in the same position as a son at home. Where as a son/ daughter will always feel as a son or daughter and definitely there is a benefit that comes along as being a son or daughter than a servant.


An orphan will strive for spiritual achievements and fight hard to be seen as mature in as far as Christianity is concerned. He is ambitious in everything he does things to be seen and counted mature. Whereas on the other hand a son does not strive to be seen but his love and representation is unconditional because he has an inward automatic love for family and others. He doesn’t strive to be seen or to be mature when he is not.


As far as future is concerned, an orphan always fights to have the inheritance and get what he can. This is because his feels he has no entitlement and therefore should fight for what he can get as soon as possible to secure his future. Where as a son is sure of inheritance from his father and will not have to fight for anything but relax and have full assurance of automatic release of inheritance from his father.

In conclusion, I would like to thank all of you children of God who has been following and I am sure now you can easily tell the difference and where you belong or why your walk with God has not been easy as you plan to walk each day. Remember if orphan heart is not dealt with it grows and it becomes an orphan spirit which takes over the persons day to day lifestyle, beliefs, personality and character. It’s evil and one must receive healing through Jesus Christ and experience fathers love and adoption to son ship. Refer to Heb: 5

By Dennis Mukwatanise



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