Orphan or Son? Part 2

Motive for service.

Someone with an orphan heart has an intention at the back of his mind to impress God or others when he in service. Such a person will serve God and his people simply to please, show off, acknowledged, recognized among others. Whereas a son will fully serve God or others because of deep unconditional love he has for God and his people. The difference between the two is that one serves to be seen and appreciated and the latter serves because of inward deep gratitude and love relationship he has with God.1st peter 4:10. “As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace”

Motive behind Christian discipline.

Someone with an orphan heart follows and bases his Christian discipline so as to gain favors from God for example someone fasts purposely to earn God’s favor and blessings that’s all. Whereas a son ensures Christian discipline as his date to date Christian walk in pleasure and delight. Such a person will for example fast or pray often because that’s where he finds peace and relaxation in Christ Jesus. Refer to Philippians 4:8

Motive for purity.

An orphan hearted person will fight hard to be holy in order to gain favors from God. Holiness is not his date to date lifestyle but he simply seeks holiness to gain favors or any kind of requests from God. He assumes that the more holy you are, the more favors one has from God. In case of sin, one is guilty and shameful and condemns himself all the time. On the other hand, holiness is not the only yardstick to measure God’s favors towards man but what matters is the close intimate relationship with God and purity is not the ultimate source of God’s favor towards man but to know that he is a new creation in Christ Jesus.

Self image.

Someone with an orphan heart will all the time compare himself to others. This is because he lives in self rejection and therefore he keeps on checking himself with others to see if he is better than them and viceversa. Whereas on the other hand a son ship heart is positive all the time because he is assured of the promises of God and believes in whatever God has promised him. Such a person does not look at others for comparison but his hope is in the word of God

Source of comfort.

Someone with an orphan heart will seek to find comfort in earthly things such as money, addictions, women, hyper religions, etc whereas on the other hand a son will seek comfort in the presence of the lord and he will find fullness and satisfaction in his love. The lord renews his strength and can’t be weary (Isaiah 40:31) He has peace all the time surpasses all human understanding.

By Dennis Mukwatanise


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