Janet Helms is the Founder and  Director of Orphaned Heart Ministries.She is a recent graduate of Trinity School for Ministry and longtime member of Church of the Ascension in Pittsburgh, PA, has been helping orphans in Uganda since 2001 through a kinship model. Janet is Married to Worth Helms and they live together in Pittsburgh.

In 2006, she started working with students from Uganda Christian University (UCU) to bring psychological and spiritual healing to those who have been orphaned by AIDS, polygamy, violence, and abandonment. She helped students to form a spiritual family through sharing their stories, praying for each other, studying Scripture, and  doing ministry together.







Rev. Simon Peter Ddembe is the East African  Co- Founder of Orphaned Heart Ministries. He is a recent graduate in Masters in Divinity and bachelor of Law from Uganda Christian University Mukono. Simon is married to Caroline and together they have three children, Jeremiah, Jemimah and Jonathan. they currently live in Kalaasa, Luwero where he serves as the parish priest in the Anglican Church.

Simons’s Biography

My name is Rev. Simon Peter Ddembe, a graduate of Law and having my Masters in Divinity. I was not able to experience the love of my parents since they died when I was still a baby. This took me to stay in a babies home where I was picked by the Love and care family. By the grace of God I was able to go to school up to the level mentioned here before. A lot happened to in my childhood and youthful stage for example denial of basic needs of life, sexual abuse, and buttery. I accepted Jesus Christ as my lord and Savior in 1999 and since then I have remained a vessel used by my father in Heaven.  In 2011 I met Mum Janet Helms at Uganda Christian University mukono who introduced to WHAT THE Lord had layed on her heart that is reaching out to the Orphaned and broken hearted of which I was the most. She ministered to me until I began the process of healing. She asked me to start a fellowship at the University which would give a foundation to the ministry. We started this by having a Conference called Healing of the orphan heart Conference. At this conference the Hope fellowship was birthed where I was the president. Today the Hope Fellowship has grown and birthed Orphaned Heart Ministries that has its muscles stretched to many parts of East Africa. Out of experience I realize that this ministry is strongly needed in all parts of the world. Am Married to Caroline Ddembe and I work with Orphaned Heart Ministries.


Paul Agaba is the East African Coordinator at Orphaned Heart ministries. He helps lead teams and offers administrative support and strategy to the ministry. Paul is Married to Lydia and they have one daughter Grace Love. Paul is graduate of Law from Uganda Christian University.

Paul’s Biography.

My Name is Paul Agaba I was born on 16th April 1988 to Mr & Mrs Agaba in Nsambya, a City surburb of Kampala.  Having lost my mother just a year after my birth, I was taken care of my aunties till later when my father married a second wife. As a result of finding significance and identity in adolescent years, I succumbed to Peer pressure that led me astray until I received Jesus Christ as my Lord and savior on the 12th of February 2004, that is where I began to focus on the Good plans God had for me as it is written in Jeremiah 29:11 that “I the Lord know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you”.  During my secondary school, God began to put desire in me to serve him; I served as the Liturgy prefect in my school for three consecutive years. I also served as the Vice Chairperson of the scripture. Because of God’s Grace, I excelled in my examinations in my Ordinary secondary school; I joined High school and excelled among the best students in my school at S.t Mark’s College Namagoma in Uganda. In 2008, I joined Uganda Christian University where I pursued a bachelors Degree in Law, through a close friend and course mate now the Rev. Simon Peter Dembe, I met Janet helms when she came to conduct the first Healing the Orphaned Heart conference in July 2011 with Cheran Cherok and Wendy Le Marquand. Through the training, I came to realize I suffered from the orphaned heart because I had a past comprised of rejection and abandonment. Through the training, I embraced the fatherhood of God and the brother hood and friendship of  Jesus.   I learnt about my identity in Christ. At the conclusion of that conference, I received a Mother and Father’s Blessing. The message and encouragement I received in the Conference of  2011 changed my Life Forever. As a result of the Conference, we started the H.O.P.E fellowship which became to me a safe place to share my story, receive prayer and encouragement. When I graduated from Law school, I joined the Healing Delegation (Alumni ministry of the Hope Fellowship) which later led to the formation of Orphaned Heart Ministries. Am currently married to Lydia Karungi Agaba and I serve as the East African Coordinator of Orphaned Heart Ministries.

Charlotte Fiona Namanya serves as the East African Financial Secretary for Orphaned Heart Ministries. Charlotte provides financial administration and stewardship to the ministry. Charlotte is a graduate of Development studies from Uganda christian University Mukono.

Charlotte’s Biography 

My name is Charlotte Fiona Namanya. Having lost both my parents at an early age, I was raised by and with my extended family. Growing up in such a family, I never got the actual feel of a mother’s or father’s love. This family did their best to take me through school up to university level, and is still very supportive to date.

My journey with the Lord began in 1998 December, shortly watching a play titled “Heaven’s gates and Hell’s flames”. I never looked back and continued to grow through my high school to university level. Nonetheless, I still struggled with the feeling of rejection and unforgiveness for bigger part of this journey.

As I began to understand the power of forgiveness after a preacher who said failing to forgive was just like imprisoning oneself and yet forgiving was a way of breaking chains, I was introduced to the concept of the Orphaned Heart.

The year 2011 was the beginning of a deeper healing process, after attending a Healing the Orphaned Heart conference that was held at Uganda Christian University, led by Janet Helms. It provided me with a better understanding of what I had experienced. It also laid foundation for reaching out to others that had similar experiences, in addition to enhancing my own healing process.

I am glad to say the H.O.P.E fellowship, together with the Orphaned Heart Ministries have contributed a great deal to my inner healing. In addition to this, it has created a platform for me to share the good news of Christ’s healing power, knowing that He never leaves us alone. It’s a great feeling to be able to reach out and preach God’s love to others, especially having experienced firsthand.



Winifred Abodo serves as the East African Conference Coordinator. she is responsible for all the stationery and materials required for conferences. Winifred is also the personnel responsible for the updating and maintaining the ministry database. Winifred is a graduate of Social Work and social administration from Uganda Christian University.

Winifred’s Biography

I joined the hope fellowship in 2011 while at campus and it was really a beautiful place to be because of the love that I found in the Hope Fellowship, it also strengthened my salvation in Christ and that was one of the greatest achievement in my life. Christ is everything.

In 2012 I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Social Work and Social Administration and joined the Orphaned Heart Ministry where I was assigned the duty of the Conference Coordinator. Some of the conferences we have held in places like Gulu and Lira ( northern Uganda), Hoima and Masindi, at Uganda Christian University, Mukono and Rwanda too. They have impacted tremendously to my life because through these conferences I do believe I have made a difference to some peoples lives because they do call back and ask us to go back by the grace of God.

The OHM that was started by Janet Helms  who has rely been a good influence to me as a mother and a mentor too. she has loved me, directed me and helped me grow spiritually. The ministry has rely inspired me greatly I believe I have grown to love the Lord more and more through demonstrating the gift of love just as the greatest commandment states “Love your neighbor as you love yourself” and prayer. There has been a difference in my life since then. The Lord has been so good to me and the other leaders in the ministry. I believe the lord will make more wonders in the ministry because he promised he shall never leave us alone nor forsake us Deuteronomy 31:6. May the lord continue protect us as we stand with him, in Jesus name.





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