Hope Worship Night a Great success!

We bless the name of the highest God for the grace, and Success he gave us at the Hope worship night.

Like always this Worship night was such a big blessing and miraculous one, we were again joined by our fast growing Hope Fellowship team from the Uganda Christian University Kampala campus. The worship night had a very big turn up of over 300 students who came to witness Gods healing, we had several activities among which included praises, worship, and we were blessed with live worship music by our guest ministers who were Rev Esmond and Rachael Serunjoji who are ministry friends.

The event started at about 7:45pm EAT (East African Time) this was due to the cold atmosphere, it started with worship and adorations led by the main campus hope fellowship team until we were ushered into a powerful prayer moment led by Paul Agaba. After that session we had a number of specials from the Kampala and Main Campus Fellowships, and then our guest ministers performed and later led us into a powerful moment of sharing about “breaking wrongful soul ties’, Rev Esmond ushered people into a group inner healing prayer session and it was a powerful moment and many lives were impacted, healing was witnessed and more than 20 people came out to have special prayers, and many people promised to come join the fellowship.

We had great feedback from the people who came to attend the worship night; some of the feedback was received through our face book page where people were praising God for what had transpired in their lives on the worship night experience.

Special Thanks

Like always I cannot get tired of thanking God for always being at the centre of this ministry, for the healing and for the success he gives us through the Hope Worship Night Experience, and always still thank him for the wonderful team we minister with and for our financial provisions and Sponsors of this ministry, for the Orphaned Heart Healing Delegates who work tirelessly for the Glory of God. And the Hope fellowship leaders and members who put in tireless efforts to see this be a blessing to others, I can’t thank you enough but only pray for more blessing upon your lives.

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