Do you ever feel like your situation isn’t going away regardless of your effort? Does it seem like everyone and every thing has turned their backs on you? Well, that’s a not so pleasant feeling, yet many of us have lived or live with it. It can be frustrating physically, mentally and spiritually. You are not abnormal to feel that way, you’re perfectly human.

Sometimes you feel like whatever is in your life is turning to dust while other people’s lives seem golden at every move! The pain of not having just one thing go right for you could be the trigger telling you, “Give up! Nothing is ever going to work for you”. And this seems like the perfect solution since you feel you have tried all you can. I wouldn’t blame you for that. But before you do, hold on a little longer!

Often times the very challenges in life that seemed to weigh us down are the very source of our next better lives, if only we let the Lord Jesus Christ handle them His way. Yes, you feel you’ve prayed enough, pray a little more. You’ve waited enough, wait some more.

Who would imagine that out of dust can come something beautiful? But hey, the dust is what man was made from, it grows the food that nourishes our body, and yes! Your healing can come from the dust-like situation you’re going through. In the book of John 9, we are told of a man that had been born blind and all he did was sit and beg. But the day Jesus Christ met him, we are told He spat in the very dust that this man used to sit in, made a clay of spittle and anointed his eyes. Upon obeying and washing off this clay, he received his sight. This was so great a turn around that even those that had always seen him and couldn’t help were amazed, and some confused.

By any human standards, none of what Jesus did made sense, except when taken by faith. All you have to do is have faith for a little longer, do your part for a little longer, take your position one more day, and wait for the Lord to meet you and use your very dusty seeming life to uplift you. Some may mock you for waiting on Him, for even believing that He can, you may see none believers prospering and you get discouraged. Friend, hold onto your faith a little longer!  Each time your mind or surrounding tells you to give up tell them, “Not today”.

May the Lord give you the courage to wait on Him one more time, to believe in him one more time and to boldly say to urge to give up, “I am holding on”.

Written by Charlotte Fiona Namanya

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