Healing from Rejection through being Adopted as children of God

The mission of Orphaned Heart Ministries is to help people heal from the spirit of rejection and abandonment through the Power of the Holy Spirit. Rejection can be healed through finding the Love of the Heavenly Father and the brotherhood of Jesus. One of the causes of the Orphaned Heart is from rejection and abandonment by someone who should have loved us. Rejection can be defined as a feeling of being unwanted by people. Rejection is caused by people who abandon us, hence causing the orphaned wound. As a result of this wound, the orphan spirit attaches its self to this wound and this can be seen through a person’s heart attitude.

A person who suffers from rejection manifests the following symptoms

  1. He/she has no sense of belonging in a home.
  2. He/she does not easily trust people.
  3. He/she lives in depression.
  4. Always competitive and compares themselves with other people.
  5. Because of the hostility they have lived with, they are hostile to others.
  6. He/she wants to hurt others because he/she has been hurt.
  7. He/she is independent; they never take advice from other people.
  8. He/she lacks self confidence.
  9. He/she are envious and jealous of other people’s success
  10. He/she have feelings of worthlessness, insecurity, and hopelessness.
  11. He/she are unable to be corrected or receive constructive criticism.
  12. He/she experience self-pity because they feel bad for themselves and also feel all alone.


Rejection is healed by God’s acceptance when we are Adopted as His children through faith in the finished works of Jesus.

Using those symptoms above, you can evaluate yourself to see whether you carry symptoms of rejection in your life. Though there may be rejection, there is also acceptance. The opposite of Rejection is Acceptance. Rejection can be healed through walking in the knowledge of our acceptance as children of God. Since rejection is manifested through a person’s attitude, in life, acceptance can also be manifested in that way. A person can be healed from rejection through living as an adopted child of God. Adoption in the family of God is only received when we accept Jesus as Lord and Savior. Then we are accepted among the beloved of God (Ephesians 1:6) and that is enough to heal you completely from rejection. This does not mean that those who are in Christ cannot be rejected. People who are in Christ can be exposed to rejection but they never have walk in the attitude of rejection because they know that they have been accepted by the Father. Jesus the Son of God suffered rejection from sinful men to the point of dying on the Cross for sinners. Jesus was rejected by the Pharisees but he didn’t carry himself with an attitude of rejection. He kept on doing the work of His Father because He knew he had been accepted by the Father. God says to Jesus at the Beginning of his ministry, “This is my beloved Son with whom am well pleased” (Mathew 3:17). Jesus moved with confidence because He knew the Father accepted and approved him, He despised the shame and the rejection because he knew he had a mission to save entire mankind and would later sit at the Right hand of God (Hebrews 12:2). As much as Jesus faced rejection and opposition from men, it didn’t stop him from healing the sick, raising the dead, loving the unloved, feeding the hungry and, lastly, dying for those who rejected him. He knew He was accepted and loved by the Father.

Written by Paul Agaba, Missions Coordinator of Orphaned Heart Ministries


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  1. Dear Paul: Thank you for these insightful words. The first symptoms of the orphaned heart we found in East Africa was that of rejection and abandonment. That is what led us to search for a way to help people heal from these negative emotions. They attach to the wound of the Orphaned Heart. And it is remarkable to see the transformation in those who have embraced the healing. If anyone suffers from these feelings of rejection and abandonment and wants to be freed, join us. Thanks be to God!

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