There is a song that has been sung in your life more times than you can count, so frequently that you have finally accepted it as true. That song is a song of SHAME, telling you to hang your head low because you are undeserving and unworthy of God’s beautiful presence and love. I don’t really know for how long you have believed it but, I am here to encourage you with a new song for a new you; an anthem.

Christ Jesus hanged on the cross in shame so that you could look up to Him, and there, hang your shame. He chose that walk so that you would never have to. Shame tells you that you are not good enough, God says you are so precious I had to buy you with my own son’s blood. Shame will remind you that you’re an illegitimate child, God says “I have given you the right to become my child.”

Just as you are starting to enjoy your new freedom song, shame creeps in to whisper to you how filthy your life is; filled with immoral sexual acts from the past, the stealing you once engaged in, and the horrible background from which you came. You are once again reminded that there is no redemption and cleansing for a creature as dirty as yourself! In that moment, dear friend, let another stanza of your new found life anthem burst from within, and let your heart sing, “I have been set free by the son and my freedom is forever. I am a new creature and there is now no condemnation for me, for I have reasoned with my heavenly father. A fresh cleansing have I received from Him who remembers my past no more.”

You may wonder, “is it possible that God could ever forgive all the shameful things I have done or that were done to me?” The answer to this is yes!!! Jesus is the only way out of shameful living. Let us talk about the woman caught in adultery (John 8:1-12). She is brought to Jesus with the claim that she had been caught in the very act. The idea was to publicly shame her, much as the Pharisees and scribes were testing Jesus. He ignores them and when they insist He simply asks that any among them without sin (read shameful past or acts) casts the first stone. Guess what? After a deep inner check, no stone was cast upon her! Jesus amazingly says to her, “Neither do I condemn thee: go and sin no more.”

So the next time you feel too ashamed to be among other people, or to stand before God because shame is whispering that you are unworthy due to your past, remember that woman who stood there in the middle, with spectators awaiting her verdict. It was only in total surrender, without running away, that Jesus took off her filthy rugs of shame and clothed her in royal grace. Even her accusers could not deter that.

Say to shame, “Game over! I found the puzzle’s missing piece and my winning journey has just begun”. Straighten up, look to God with confidence and along the way shame will drop off bit by bit, till you’re fully healed.

Article by Charlotte Fiona Namanya

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