Greetings in the name of our Lord and God, Jesus Christ.

King David, who is regarded to be the man after God’s own heart, was a great soldier whom God used to save Israel from all danger during Saul’s reign. I drew this inspiration of King David to serve God in the UGANDA PEOPLES DEFENCE FORCES (UPDF), which is the nation force.

I was brought up in challenging circumstances to which later God used to shape me and now am fully convinced that am being called to serve in the army. A lot of things happen mostly in the national army, where the ones entrusted with authority misuse it leading to the many losses of innocent lives; and subsequent situations that are always compromising our well elaborated motto, “FOR GOD AND MY COUNTRY”. Majority have twisted it to be “For God and My Stomach” leading to a wide spread of corruption and abuse of office.

I made a prayer to God to lead me just like he did lead Gideon and King David, to be a soldier who will be God guided, truthful, defend the weak and speak for the speechless. But most importantly speak for God, to the very many broken hearts that need guidance to the truth, give them hope and lead them to Jesus Christ our Lord God so that they can learn how to make the right decisions. Take an example of a soldier who goes to the bar and shoots 10 innocent civilians dead simply because he thinks that’s the way to express anger and instill fear. People need to be talked to and shown love so that they in turn can do the same to their families, friends and relatives as well as to the entire community.

I therefore humbly request you to stand with me in prayer always especially as I prepare myself for training mid this month (9 months for basic training). It’s my dream and prayer that God will create a way for the Orphaned Heart Ministry to comfort and speak to these broken hearted soldiers in the near future. I also take this opportunity to thank our beloved beautiful and awesome mum, Janet Helms for allowing God to use her to reach to the broken hearts in Africa and East Africa in particular. Thank you mummy. I also thank everyone who contributes in all ways to this cause of supporting the OHM. May God richly bless you and protect you as well.


Simon Peter “T”

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6 thoughts on “FOR GOD AND MY COUNTRY -Simon Peter “T”

  1. Jehoshaphat was another King who was militant. However he was not just a king and not just a leader but on of his kind. He obeyed the Lord God and always humbled by the voice of the most high. That made him an extra-ordinary soldier. Am so excited about what Simon T is choosing to do and am praying behind him. I strongly believe that God is up to something for our ministry because many people in the army are wounded by different memories and others are so hungry for the true Gospel of Christ. God desires to heal the hearts of soldiers too and Simon is now a vessel availed to be used of our Father in Heaven.

  2. Thank you Simon for sharing your passion of joining the Army.
    I know God is raising you up to be a Man of Valour and God is positioning you to reflect Jesus Christ in the Army.

  3. God gives each of us different gifts and is sure accomplish the good work in them. It is my prayer and hope that God will make a way for you.
    “Go forward and never look back”.

  4. I remember around two years ago when we were at a lock in, that’s the first time Peter told me about his desire to join the force. I was skeptical as a person but later after I left we met up again at a handover and i remember Peter you were so sure and the vision had become clearer than ever before, that consistency is nothing but confirmation about your call.May the Lord of war guard u , may he shine his light upon you, may he favor you and may you be covered in the blood of Jesus!

  5. As a child of of the most high God i now believe that God is already doing great things in your life my brother Simon.. and i also believe God is using you to set light onto some of your workmates because your a son of light of light not darkness (1 Thessalonians 5:5) and with faith i pray that God takes you though various promotions and uses you to free them in various aspects.

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