Breaking the power of shame.

Shame   is a painful feeling of humiliation or distress caused by the consciousness of wrong or foolish behavior. Shame is one of the most powerful emotions that we feel. [1]It can cause us to sever relationships, sink into depression, fuel addictions and eating disorders, and even lead to suicide.

“Shame has to do with the negative feeling about ourselves, which can get activated anytime we are frustrated or get challenged,”

“Shame is an existential feeling of unworthiness. “When people feel shame, they believe that they are ultimately an inadequate person or an unworthy person.”

Causes of Shame.

  1. Sin:  when Adam and Eve sinned in Genesis 3, they became aware that they were naked, but amidst that, God covered them with figs sin empowers shame! But God’s love covers our shame!
  2. Failure: when we fail to meet some expected goals in life, we might feel shameful.
  3. Abuse: Physical, verbal and sexual abuse can lead to shame, we have often heard words like “ Shame on you”
  4. Rejection can bring shame and a sense of inadequacy.

People who suffered shame in the Bible times.

  1. Adam and Eve realized that they were naked after eating the forbidden fruit( Genesis 3:7)
  2. Hannah could not bear children and her co-wife Peninah mocked year after year.(1st Samuel 1:6-16)
  3. David felt shameful when he committed sexual sin with Bathsheba( 2nd Samuel 12)
  4. Tarmar was filled with shame after being raped by his half brother Amnon ( 2nd Samuel 13)
  5. The woman caught in adultery ( John 8)
  6. The woman with the issue of blood for 12 years suffered from shame. ( Luke 8:43-48)

How to break the Power of shame.

  1. Confess your sins to God ( 1st John 1:9)
  2. Forgive yourself. (Romans 8:1)
  3. Embrace your true identity in Christ! You are a child of God ( John 1:12)
  4. Seek Godly counsel, talk to somebody( James 5:16)
  5. Renounce the  power of shame off your life.
  6. Receive God’s best ( instead of shame, God is giving you a double portion) Isaiah 61:7



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