The mission of Orphaned Heart Ministries is to help heal those suffering from the spirit of rejection and abandonment whether they are:

1) Physical orphans, having lost one or both parents;

2) Psychological orphans, suffering from abandonment or rejection from those who should have loved them, such as parents, extended family, or romantic relationships;

3) Spiritual orphans, having lost their relationship to God, our heavenly Father, and not knowing how to find Him again.

We accomplish this through:

1) Hosting Healing the Orphaned Heart Conferences, retreats, and meetings to teach the definitions and diagnosis helping people to understand what the healing process will involve.

2) Directing participants in the process of forming fellowships and small groups of safe individuals where the Holy Spirit will guide them in prayer, love, community, and accountability.

3) Providing inner healing prayer to heal the broken heart from past wounds inflicted by those who should have given them love.

4) Training leaders to continue this healing ministry in their own context.

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