A Testimony of Healing from Dennis Mukwatanise

I am twenty-nine years old, I was raised by a single parent. I was abandoned at the age of six months and my grandparents picked me up. Two years later my grandparents died. I was left alone in the hands of a gracious old woman and a friend to my grandparents who raised me till the age of ten years old. My mother had run away when I was six months old and inside me I had too much hatred towards her. Whenever I would see other friends with their mothers hugging, smiling and affectionate, I would feel bitter and grow angry toward my mother, at times I would blame God. My father, when he finished school did not marry my mother much as they had messed up but instead he married another woman (step mum) who never accepted me at home. Rejection, heavy work, torture and denial of food caused me to have much hatred for my mother and my father as well. This forced me to stay with friends and other families my whole life outside family life.

I developed Hatred, jealousy and self denial and this became part of my day to day lifestyle even though I had given my life to Jesus Christ. No wonder Romans 7:19 tells us “For I do not do the good I want, but the evil I do not want to do is what I keep on doing” I battled with all these sort of life struggles till 2011.

I thank God for the 2011 Healing the Orphaned Heart conference at Uganda Christian University that was under the leadership of mum Janet Helms. It is during the healing sessions that I realized I was suffering from the orphan heart of rejection, abandonment and un-forgiveness against my mother. I opened my heart to this new teaching and received healing and since then, it has been a continuous wonderful journey of restoration. I am now in touch with my mother rebuilding and restoring the lost mother’s love. As Christians we need to practice the ministry of restitution even when we have been offended.

May be you can learn from my testimony to compare yourself to last weeks orphan heart checklist posted on this blog and God will surely show you why you have been struggling in your day to day Christian walk and I beseech you by mercies of God to be open to the spirit of God to receive healing in Jesus’ name for if “The Son shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed” (JOHN 8:36)

By Dennis Mukwatanise

Photo: Dennis Mukwatanise pictured second from the left

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4 thoughts on “A Testimony of Healing from Dennis Mukwatanise

  1. Dear Dennis: Thank you for your tranparent testimony of the wound created when a child is not taken in and loved by a mother and a father. Today I can see that God has made you into a new person, with the ability to give and receive love because you have allowed Jesus to heal that orphaned heart wound. I praise God for what He has done in your life and may others embrace this healing as you have! love, Mum Janet

  2. Dearest Dennis, My was touched by your story of healing. God HAS WOEKED a miracle in your life. But I know it comes with hard work and ruthless trust in Jesus. Thank you for sharing your life so openly with others so we may look at ourselves and see where we have the same issues. Be blessed my friend! Dorene

    PS: Hope you can see Rev. Kathy and Carolyn Hurd while they are there in Entebbe. They love Monday, March 2nd. Arriving about Wednesday or Thursday. The team is staying at the BOMA. Good luck in connecting with them. They will be seeing Jackie while there . love you

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